Llandudno Wedding Photography by the sea

Date: 23.03.16

Pre-Wedding Photography by the sea

Llandudno Wedding Photography

When Hollie and Rob asked if we could do their pre-wedding shoot by Llandudno pier I was really excited! I love photography by the coast and even though the sun was hiding and it was pretty windy this is one of my most favourite pre wedding photoshoots ever! It was clear from the very first photo that I was going to have an amazing photoshoot with Hollie and Rob… Hollie couldn’t stop smiling as we walked up and down the pier and then onto the rocky beach by the Llandudno coast. The colours in the rocks were amazing and really complimented Hollies beautiful hair. We were going to venture up onto the Orme on the cable car but unfortunately it was closed so we headed onto the streets for a few more shots. The buildings are beautiful around Llandudno and painted different pastel colours. It was relatively quiet in March but I can imagine it is a really busy place to visit in the summer months.

Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot!

Hollie and Rob-106
Llandudno Wedding Photography
Llandudno Wedding Photography
Llandudno Wedding Photography
Hollie and Rob-1 Hollie and Rob-5 Hollie and Rob-10 Hollie and Rob-17 Hollie and Rob-20 Hollie and Rob-26 Hollie and Rob-30 Hollie and Rob-37 Hollie and Rob-40 Hollie and Rob-55 Hollie and Rob-61 Hollie and Rob-76 Hollie and Rob-89
Hollie and Rob-96 Hollie and Rob-99 Hollie and Rob-105 Hollie and Rob-111 Hollie and Rob-118 Hollie and Rob-124 Hollie and Rob-129 Hollie and Rob-134 Hollie and Rob-139 Hollie and Rob-158

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