Oxford Wedding Photography

Date: 15.09.16

Perch Oxford Wedding Photography

Perch Oxford Wedding Photography

Oxford Wedding Photography

New College Chapel Oxford and The Perch Wedding

Then and Liz’s New College Chapel Wedding

When I first spoke to Liz and Then over a Skype call they told me about their Oxford New College Chapel Wedding and I literally couldn’t wait! I love getting around the country and not just photographing Manchester weddings. I had a good look at the Oxford New College Chapel and it looked absolutely stunning! Both Then and Liz both studied there and that is where their romance began.

Oxford is an absolutely beautiful city and we couldn’t have asked for more amazing weather. I’d travelled down to Oxford from Manchester the day before and the skies were blue, not a cloud in the sky! The streets were so so busy with tourists and the College grounds are one of the main attractions of Oxford.

I had photographed Liz and Then at the College a few weeks prior to the wedding and had a good look around. It is so grand that I could spend a full week photographing there. There are areas indoors and out that are just bursting with opportunities for stunning portraits. Then and Liz had back up plans for bad weather such as drinks in the Cloisters and indoor/undercover portraits. As it happened on the wedding day it was glorious so the guests made there way onto the lawn for drinks and canapés.

After lots of drinks and sunshine and laughter we did some formal and not so formal shots and then everybody hopped onto a coach  and made their way to the stunning Perch Inn Freehouse in Oxford, just 10 minute drive from the centre. The Parch is set right next to the river and the gardens there are beautiful. There is a permanent marquee set up at the back of the garden designed specifically for weddings and events and it looked stunning inside. Then and Liz had added some really lovely rustic touches with floral centrepieces and a hint of Harry Potter in there. After some rather amazing and gobsmacking speeches I headed outside for some fresh air and a few portraits with Then and Liz by the river as the sun was just setting.

Here are some of my favourites from the day and night. Congratulations Then and Liz! you both rocked it and I hope to shoot another Oxford wedding soon!

Kelly Clarke – Manchester Wedding Photographer

Oxford Wedding Photography 2016

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