Malkins Bank Wedding

Date: 07.09.16

Malkins Bank Wedding Sandbach

malkins bank wedding

 Manchester Wedding Photographer – Kelly Clarke

Scott and Carly

So I never ever bother checking the forecast before a wedding anymore. There is no point. I pack my car full of all the equipment I will need for any weather occasion from pack-a-macs to sunglasses. I had a boot full of umbrellas, light stands, speedlights, and wellies. I was ready for the good old Manchester weather to throw whatever it wanted at me. I knew Scott and Carly’s Malkins Bank Wedding was going to be epic whatever the weather.

I’ve shot weddings in snow, rain, very high winds, floods, and 32 degrees of scorching heat (ok that was a Cala D’or wedding) You see it really doesn’t matter what the weather throws at a bride and groom on their wedding day, they are still going to get married, and they are still going to be surrounded by friends and family and they are still going to have an AMAZING time.

At Scott and Carly’s Malkins Bank wedding the boot of my car stayed firmly shut, none of my off-camera flash equipment came out, we didn’t do any indoor portraits or group shots because it was SUNNY ALL DAY! yes, in Manchester, I know!

As Carly got ready with the girls and bridesman at her grandparents house Scott was busy getting himself ready not too far away at his parents house so I had time to dash between the two. The church they were married at was St Mary’s Church in the beautiful village of Sandbach.

Scott looked a little nervous at the top of the aisle in the Church. As Carly arrived outside in her stunning wedding car most of the village were outside waiting to see the Bride.

We managed a few shots around the church before heading off to Malkins Bank Golf Course. This is the first time I’d photographed a wedding at Malkins Bank in Sandbach and I’d popped up a week earlier to have a quick look at the venue. I’d hoped for a dry day as there were lots of lovely spots around the golf course for some evening portraits.. but of course you can’t book the weather… or can you? It was glorious. We had an absolute blast on the golf buggies scooting around chasing some amazing golden light and I ran around like a crazy lady in long grass and rolling down hills to get the shots. We then raced (literally) our way back to the guests for some evening hog roast and dancing.

It was so lovely to work with the amazing talented and good friends Charlene and Paul from Love Gets Sweeter working together to film the entire day and providing lots of belly laughs.

Congratulations Scott and Carly! You absolutely rocked it!

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Malkins Bank Wedding 2016

Kelly Clarke Manchester Wedding Photographer

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