Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Date: 13.11.17

Lewis and Cassie-833

Harry Potter Themed Wedding


Oh. My. I have the most amazing wedding to share with you… I LOVED photographing this wedding!! Think Manchester Town Hall, a gorgeous couple and Harry Potter (well Harry wasn’t there himself, but had they sent him a wedding invite I’m sure he’d have been!)

A massive thanks to Toni Darcy for helping me out! you’re a star!!

Here what Cassie and Lewis have to tell you about their wedding!

Best Harry Potter film?
Cassie: Goblet of fire.
Lewis: Half-blood Prince

How did you two meet?
Through the best man, Stephen. In a nut shell, Lewis had seen a picture of me on Stephen’s Facebook dressed as a giant Rubik’s cube but I was with someone else at the time, so he just Facebook stalked me for a while! After becoming single Stephen showed me a very bad picture of Lewis and told me he fancied me but I said I wasn’t interested and then we coincidently ended up in the same pub one night and I asked Stephen ‘who his fit mate was?’ to which Stephen explained that he was the one from the picture. A couple of chance meetings and rejected Facebook requests later we eventually went on a date.

What is the most expensive Harry Potter related product you’ve bought? We think collectively we have spent about £1000 in total in the various Harry Potter gift stores! The single most expensive thing was a replica of Hermione’s handbag which you see in ‘The Deathly Hallows’ film that they use when they are on the run. I used it as my handbag on the wedding day.

How did Lewis Propose?
For my 30
th birthday, as a surprise, Lewis had paid for us to go to Florida to see the new section (based on Diagon Alley from the films) that had been built in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Unbeknown to me he was also planning to propose. On our first morning there we went straight to the new Diagon Alley section and Lewis said he wanted a picture of us. He asked a stranger if she would take a picture but told her he was going to propose. He came back to me and I remember him trying to turn me round but I thought we were trying to have a picture taken so was trying to pose and was wondering what he was doing. Eventually he had to yank me round and then got down on one knee and proposed with a beautiful black diamond ring. By the time he had got back up the entrance was filled with people all clapping and cheering and one of the managers to the park took us in to a back entrance to the new attraction and stopped the whole ride so we could go on it once on our own (although we were both in that much of a daze I don’t think either of us remember much of it haha).

What was the best part of the wedding day?
Cassie: Seeing how emotional Lewis was when I walked in and also seeing our room dressed for the first time and seeing how all our hard work had come together.
Lewis: Seeing Cassie for the first time as she came down the aisle, I only just about kept it together!

Tequila or Sambuca? Sambuca, definitely.

If your best friends were getting married what advice would you give them for their wedding?
Make sure the bar is in the same room as the dance floor/DJ. People like to hang around at the bar and you want to keep the atmosphere, we made sure of this when looking for our venue. Do as much as you can yourself, if you are creative enough, it’s hard work but saves you money and is worth it in the long run and makes it that little bit more special.

What suppliers did you use?

Videographer: Alex Miller- Viaduct Video

Cake: Debbie Bennett (a very talented work friend)

Dress: Fairytale brides

Venue dressing Chair covers and up lighters- The Venue Stylist.

Everything else we did ourselves, (we had to make each table up at home as we wanted it to look on the day, then take pictures and put each table’s corresponding items and photos in separate boxes, on the day the hotel copied our pictures)

Florist: All the flowers were handmade by me using Harry Potter book pages, that included the bouquets, button holes, flowers for the bridesmaids hair and flowers for the cake.

Cassie has set up a facebook page for her creations.. she is one talented bride! take a look here..  Cassies Creations

Favourite wedding photo and why? Far too many favourites, impossible to pick just one!

If you were a character in Harry Potter who would you be?
Cassie: Bellatrix, I love her character in the book and on screen or Luna Lovegood, I lover her eccentric quirky ways.
Lewis: Dumbledore because he’s the ultimate wizard. Or Voldemort, but not as mean!

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