Manchester Jewish Wedding

Date: 13.11.17

Manchester Jewish Wedding Photography

Naomi and Solomn’s Manchester Jewish Wedding Celebrations


I met up with Naomi and Solomon a year ago when they were planning their wedding to be held in Cheadle at the Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation followed by a marquee celebration at their parents home. This is the first Jewish wedding I have photographed so the experience was all very new to me and there was a lot to take in!

I arrived early in the morning at the hair salon to meet Naomi and the girls and then drove to the house where everybody was busy setting up for the evening food and dancing. I arrived at The Shul for the Mincha and then the Tish with the boys and then joined the girls ready for Naomi’s Bedecken (veiling of the bride) The groom then meets the bride and unveils her before they head off with both sets of parents for the Chuppa. Naomi and Solomon made an amazing Huppah to marry underneath. The hazel (Corylus avellana) wood poles that were used for the chuppah came from Whytham Woods in Oxford which is where Naomi and Solomon got engaged and where I photographed their Pre-wedding shoot!  The tallit prayershawl is borrowed from Naomi’s dad, Alan – being tall certainly has its uses!

After Solomon welcomes Naomi to the Chuppah, Naomi walks around Solomon seven times. In Jewish tradition the number seven is seen as auspicious and symbolic of perfection and completeness.

In Talmudic times, marriage took place in two distinct stages. Kiddushin joins us in a mutual, legally-binding pledge to marry one another. Previously, the bride and groom then returned to their respective families, and, after sufficient time had elapsed to plan a wedding and acquire a home, the bride and groom would meet under the chuppah, and they would begin their married life together. This was called nissu’in and was accompanied by its own blessings. Nowadays, these two ceremonies have been combined into one. Today Rabbi Atlas recited two blessings over two cups of wine, with them being separated by the reading of the ketubah to Naomi. Naomi received the first glass of wine from Solomon, but via her mum, Sharon. The second received directly from Solomon, indicating their distinct new status as a married couple.

The end the wedding ceremony is marked by Solomon breaking a glass underfoot (last time he will put his foot down..!) and a shout of ‘Mazel Tov!’. This tradition marks the finality of the ceremony, but also serves as a reminder of the destruction of the temple and our survival as a people through the generations.

After the ceremony the guests made their way to the marquee at Naomi’s parents home for drinks and canapés and I drove to Bruntwood Park to get a few Bride and Groom portraits with the newly weds. The evening dancing speaks for itself in the pictures! It was a busy dancefloor to say the least and I almost got wiped out a few times! Being 5 ft 2 can result in me being squashed between lots of bodies. Luckily I had the epic Andy Griffiths helping me out and at well over 6 foot he managed to get way up above with his camera without any problems!

Here are a few highlights of Naomi and Solomon’s epic Jewish Wedding!

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